Lum Network Airdrop " 免费领取LUM代币

Lum Network Airdrop " 免费领取LUM代币
Paul Allen

Lum网络是一个基于Tendermint & Cosmos SDK的开源区块链协议(第1层),是最先进、最安全的委托证明-获取算法。 LUM是Lum网络的燃料,被企业用来从信任层获益,同时奖励他们的客户,被验证者和委托者用来保护网络,以及更多。


  1. 请访问Lum网络空投资格页面。
  2. 提交你的ATOM或Osmosis地址。
  3. 如果你有资格,那么你会看到你可以申请的代币数量。
  4. 在2021年9月29日之前押注至少5ATOM并提供至少30OSMO作为流动资金的用户有资格申请空投。
  5. 现在访问Lum Network的钱包页面。
  6. 连接您的大同钱包。
  7. 现在你会看到1LUM作为你的余额。
  8. 现在你需要将你的1LUM押给验证人,并对LUM网络治理提案进行投票,以解锁你的全部空投金额。
  9. 上述行动必须在6个月内完成,否则将被送入社区游泳池。
  10. 关于空投的更多信息,请看这篇Medium文章。

Paul Allen
Paul Allen
Paul Allen is a seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiast and expert in the crypto space who has been exploring blockchain and cryptocurrency for more than a decade. He has been a passionate advocate of blockchain technology, and his expertise in the field has been invaluable to many investors, startups, and businesses. With his depth of knowledge of the crypto industry, he has been able to successfully invest and trade across a broad spectrum of cryptocurrencies over the years. Paul is also a respected financial writer and speaker who is regularly featured in leading business publications, providing expert advice and insights on blockchain technology, the future of money and the benefits and potential of the decentralized economy. Paul has founded the Crypto Airdrops List blog to share his knowledge about the ever-changing world of crypto and help people stay on top of the latest developments in the space.